MIDAS software download and installation

Installation of the MIDAS base distribution

Updated July 6 2009
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The base distribution gives you enough to view and analyse spectra.

MIDAS is currently available for the following platforms.

 Solaris for Sparc - Solaris 2.5 or later is preferred but any Solaris 2.x release will probably be OK. Now also Solaris 10.

 Solaris for Intel/AMD - Back by popular demand for Solaris 10 or later.

 Linux for x86 - Kernel Versions 2.6.x/2.4.x supported.

 Linux for x86 64 bit - Kernel Versions 2.6.18 or later supported.

 Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (preferred) but Windows 95 or later also OK. Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT4 required for Data Acquisition Services

Please choose the base distribution installation version you require. You will then be guided through the platform specific installation procedure. You will be able to return to this point later if you require more than one version.
NOTE: For 64 bit Linux you can use the 32 bit version as long as the 32 bit system libraries have been installed on your system. Not all packages have (or will be) rebuilt in 64 bit mode.

SunOS Solaris for Sparc
SunOSx86 Solaris for x86 hardware (ie Intel, AMD or equivalent)
Linux Linux for x86 hardware (ie Intel, AMD or equivalent) 32 bit OS
Linux64 Linux for x86 hardware (ie Intel, AMD or equivalent) 64 bit OS
Windows Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT (95 or later)

From time to time update files may be issued to add new features to software between full releases. This will normally not be of relevance where the software is being used offline solely for analysis purposes. Important bug fixes may also be issued this way.

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Installation of the MIDAS Data Acquisition Software

Multi platform versions of the MIDAS data acquisition software are available.


Installation of the MIDAS Web Service Software

Multi platform versions of the MIDAS Web Serveice software are available. Platforms supported include PPC405 & PPC440 (for Virtex 4/5 FPGAs) and PPC74xx (for Motorola MVME5500 VME board).


Installation of the MIDAS Servers

Multi platform versions of the MIDAS servers (Tape Server, Spectrum Server, Register Server and Message Logger) are available.

 Tape Server

 Spectrum Server

 Register Server

 Message Logger

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