MIDAS software download and installation

Installation of the MIDAS Tape Server

Updated July 6 2009; Jan 5 2012 (Linux64)

Sept 13 2005: Update to use zlib version 1.2.3. Now generates valid .gz files with Solaris - note you should install gzip version 1.3.5 or later if you wish to manually inflate the generated files.
Sept 20 2005: Update to the Linux driver program to use the SG_IO interface. This is desirable if writing to DLT drivers and using Linux kernel 2.6.9 or later. Essential if writing to DLT drives and using Linux kernel 2.6.10 or later.
July 6 2009: Update to add support for Solarisx86 (based on Solaris 10) and Linux64 (based on kernel 2.6.18).
Jan 5 2012: Update to Linux64 version to support Web control interface.

This installation includes implementation for all supported platforms.

A new option [tapeserver_options] has been introduced. Set the value 0x2 to enable data compression when writing to file devices.
Set the value 0x4 to disable capability checking (Linux64 only when using Web control interface)
Add the option values as required.

The Tape Server now supports control via a SOAP/XML interface. A web browser interface is under development.

NOTE - The Linux version is now made using gcc 4.1 with Scientific Linux 5.2 and kernel 2.6.18.

The MessageLogger client interface library has now been static linked into the modules so that no libraries other than standard system libraries are required.
Since the TapeServer package uses the MessageLogger it is necessary to define the "host" egmsg in your /etc/hosts file (or equivalent). In many cases this will be an alias for localhost. Ie localhost egmsg

Current Status. Where available click on the OS name for installation instructions.

SunOS (Sparc) full implementation now available
SunOS (Intel) full implementation now available
Linux (i386) full implementation now available
Linux (x86_64) full implementation now available
Linux (PPC) Implementation now available for MVME5500
Windows full implementation now available

Download now  2.5 Mbytes

In addition to the standard Tape Server package 2 programs are now available which allow distribution of event data to a cluster of workstations.

 sinkTCP -  This program can be used as a replacement for the Tape Server Application. It will communicate with a data source in exactly the same way as the Tape Server and store the incoming data in shared memory in exactly the same format. When the shared memory buffers are full incoming new data will overwrite the oldest stored data.
The program takes one (optional) argument which is the TCP port number on which it listens for incoming requests. Default is 10305.

 relayTCP -  This program is used in conjunction with either the Tape Server Application or the sinkTCP program. It will take stored data from the shared memory buffers and send to a remote copy of sinkTCP in exactly the same way that a data source communicates.
Usage: relayTCP -n server [-p port]
The IP address of the remote sinkTCP program must be supplied. The port is optional. Default is 10305.

Here is a typical use of the software but there are many potential configurations [show full size]

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