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Welcome to the Daresbury AGATA Information Page.

AGATA Management Board Minutes: AMB Minutes

UK AGATA Management Committee: Information Page

Some general talks and presentations on AGATA can be found at: Talks

Talks from the UK AGATA meeting March 2009 at: TalksUK Mar09

Talks from the UK AGATA meeting November 2009 at: TalksUK Nov09

Talks from the UK AGATA meeting July 2010 at: TalksUK Jul10

The official AGATA Web site at GSI is here:

Simulations WG meeting on AGATA at GSI - 21-02-2011: GSI simulations talks, GSI simulations minutes.

Mini-School on AGATA Simulations at CSNSM Orsay- 25-26-11-2013:

There are AGATA Web pages at:

Some design images can be found at: Images

Mechanical design minutes from IReS, November 2005 can be found at: Design

Proposal submitted to the LNL PAC June 2006

Specification Documents produced for AGATA week at GSI, 21-25 February 2005

The address of the official AGATA FTP server at GSI is:

Digitiser FPGA: Firmware download pages.

Framework & Digitiser for GSI: Photos and videos.

The following links give access to UK local copies of AGATA documents.


NPG Home Page    STFC Home Page


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