AGATA UK Management Committee

Information Page

Committee membership

Name Project Role Institution Other
Paul Nolan Chairperson, Project Spokesperson Liverpool PI, Leader WP7, WP8
John Simpson Technical Coordinator Daresbury PI
Mike Cordwell Project manager Daresbury  
Andy Boston Leader WP1 Liverpool  
Dave Cullen LeaderWP2 Manchester PI
Robert Wadsworth Leader WP3 York PI
John Smith Leader WP4 West of Scotland PI
Ian Lazarus Leader WP5 Daresbury  
John Strachan Leader WP6 Daresbury  
Zsolt Podolyak   Surrey PI

Minutes of the UK AGATA Managment Committee

November 2008 at Daresbury: here
January 2009 at Surrey: here
March 2009 at York: here
June 2009 at Liverpool here
STFC Oversight Committee Information: here
UK Publications: here
For further information please e-mail
John Simpson 18th May 2009