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The ISOL-SRS project








ISS Science workshop in Manchester 14/07/2017

Slides are available on this documents page.

June 16/06/2016

Magnet connected to beam line (#2):





March 2, 2017 - External Spectrometer/ISS:

After being successfully cooled down and tested earlier this year, the MRI Magnet were transported from building B190 to the end of one of the three beam lines of Hie-ISOLDE.


April 19, 2016 - External Spectrometer:

The Brisbane MRI Magnet has now arrived at CERN and sits currently in building B190. Visual inspection after unwrapping the shrink wrap showed no signs of damage. Coil resistances are as measured in Brisbane and the dismounting of the patient bed, the shims and gradient coil has began.


March 7, 2016 - External Spectrometer:

The magnet removal and packaging went smoothly and was professionally handled. The videos and photos of the magnet removal from hospital and shipment to packaging company availble here:


January 07, 2016 - External Spectrometer:

The funding for the magnet of the External spectrometer has been awarded by STFC and the University of Liverpool. The magnet, currently in Brisbane, Austrialia, is a OR66 ex-MRI magnet that was previously used for medical imaging research at the University of Queensland's Centre for Advanced Imaging. It is a 4 Tesla ex-MRI magnet with active shielding to reduce stray field. The magnet was first commisioned in February 2003 and has been discharged and warmed up in ~2013. The order for this magnet has been placed and its delivery at CERN is expected in March 2016.

Brisbane Magnet