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We are pleased to inform you that the Transnational Access to LNL research infrastructures can be supported within ENSAR.

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For TNA funding for experiments approved at the July 2011 LNL PAC see here


The next LNL PAC is 11-13 July 2011 and the deadline for submission of proposal in 10 June 2011

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News from Legnaro 11th May 2011

Status of the Accelerators

The TANDEM accelerator has reached the operational terminal voltage of 14,5 MVa couple of months ago and it is working regularly since then.The cryogenic crew has overcome most of the problems with the ALPI cryo-plant.There is still a residual contamination of the He gas but it is under control atpresent. As of today, all the cryostats are full with liquid helium and machineconditioning already started.  Experiments with ALPI will start on June 6th.The maintenance of the PIAVE injector is ongoing and it will be completed by theend of the current month. PIAVE will be available for experiments from July 4th.The present semester will run up to the end of July.


The laboratory has decided to make the effort to keep the superconducting acceleratorsat 4K during the summer break so as to resume operation with ALPI and PIAVE assoon as possible in autumn.  At present we foresee that ALPI and PIAVE operationwill resume in the the second half of September while the TANDEM will startoperating again at the beginning of October.At the end of the next semester the accelerators of the LNL will be shutdown fora general extraordinary maintenance. The operation of ALPI and PIAVE will resumein fall 2012. The TANDEM accelerator might be already available by May-June 2012.More precise information will be communicated in due time.


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Winter Shutdown 22 December 2010 to 2nd February 2011

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Please follow the accelerator web page of LNL for the PAC submission procedure:
Updated details on available beams and energies are also accessible:



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