AGATA at GSI campaign information


Campaign Spokespersons


Juergen Gerl
Norbert Pietralla


Thanks to Wolfram Korten the previous AGATA at GSI Campaign Spokesperson

Thanks to Mike Bentley and Dirk Rudolph , the previous PRESPEC spokespersons.


Local AGATA Project Manager Juergen Gerl


Thanks to Hans Juergen Wollersheim the previous Local Project Manager.


GSI Beam time schedule here


Simualtion paper on the use of MINIBALL detectors plus AGATA here


PRESPEC-AGATA Workshop 10th-11th December. For information and click here


Dear Colleagues,
This is a reminder about the PRESPEC-AGATA workshop to be held on December 10-11, 2012 at TU Darmstadt. The exact downtown location will be announced later together with the programme. We will start
on December 10 at 14:00 and finish around 17:00 on December 11. There will also be a dedicated discussion on experiments planning to use the AGATA LH2 target in the morning of December 10th.
If you plan to attend please send a mail to Christian Stahl, with your name, institution and email address and a copy to the organisers.

If you are planning to propose an experiment for the second part of the PRESPEC-AGATA campaign, you should be prepared to give a 10' presentation. This applies also to LoI that were already discussed before but not presented (or accepted) in the first round. Please send a title and short abstract directly to us and

Best regards,
Dirk and Wolfram

General considerations for submission of a PRESPEC-AGATA proposal click here


See AGATA installation in progress here


Conclusions from the AGATA@GSI meeting in Istanbul in May 2010 and proposed future strategy for the preparation and submission of proposal to GSI here



Silvia Leoni AGATA Spokesperson and Chair of the ACC

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