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Publications Policy for Scientific papers

The ASC has defined a list of "core-authors" for all scientifc papers from the AGATA campaigns at LNL 2010-2011, GSI 2012-2014 and GANIL 2015-2020. Core authors have the opportunity to opt in to any given scientific paper depending on her/his impact on the experiment and the scientific results, and her/his contribution to the AGATA project as a whole.

The web based system for this procedure is available at here


Publication Policy for All Technical papers

As you already know the AGATA collaboration has not established a publication or authorship policy for technical or instrumentation publications associated with developments performed in the framework of the collaboration. Nevertheless, all members of the AGATA collaboration are committed to produce publications of high quality on behalf of the full collaboration. The Agata Management Board (AMB) requires that all technical publications relating to AGATA have their approval.

In order to help you to have a fast decision for such publications, the AMB has nominated one member, Johan Nyberg (Uppsala University), to be the contact person on issues of AGATA technical and instrumentation publications. All publications that are sent to him will be distributed to the AMB members and they will be discussed at the next AMB meeting or video conference, which are held every second week.

Therefore, on behalf of the AMB, we kindly ask you to submit your future AGATA technical and instrumentation publications to Johan Nyberg prior to submission.

Thank you, best regards
Andres Gadea Project Manager of AGATA on behalf of the AGATA Management Board


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Silvia Leoni AGATA Spokesperson and Chair of the ACC

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