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The AGATA Collaboration Council (ACC), represents all the institutions collaborating under the AGATA project and advises the AGATA Steering Committee (ASC) on scientific matters.


Operation of the ACC as defined by the AGATA Memorandum of Understanding.

Comprises one representative from each collaborating institution and the AGATA Spokesperson.
The AGATA Spokesperson chairs meetings of the ACC.

The Campaign Spokespersons are invited to attend.


All members have equal voting rights. The AGATA Spokesperson is excluded from any vote concerning the Spokesperson role.


Terms of Reference:
The ACC is the advisory body of the ASC on scientific matters concerning the AGATA project.

The tasks of the ACC are as follows:

  1. elects the AGATA spokesperson who will serve for a period of two years.
  2. advises the ASC on scientific matters concerning the AGATA project and the research programme through the AGATA Spokesperson.
  3. nominates the Campaign Spokesperson for each experiment campaign to the ASC.
  4. hold meetings, at least annually, to receive reports from the ASC and AMB on the progress of the Project and from the Campaign Spokespersons on the progress of the research programme.
  5. hold an annual open meeting of the AGATA Collaboration to present the status of the Project and to discuss future experiment campaigns.


The AGATA Collaboration

AGATA is an open collaboration and AGATA experiments are open to the entire collaboration. Students are particularly welcome. For participation contact the relevent Spokesperson or Local project manager.



Silvia Leoni AGATA Spokesperson and Chair of the ACC

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