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STFC Nuclear Physics Cross Community Team

A team of skilled enginneering staff exists to support the UK nuclear physics community. This team is supported through the STFC consolidated grants scheme.


Nuclear Physics Cross Community Management Committee

In order to monitor and manage this resource STFC set-up a cross-community management committee.



  • T Davinson (Chairperson)
  • R Kaiser
  • A Laird
  • K Livingston
  • P J Nolan
  • J Simpson
  • A G Smith


Terms of Reference

  • to review requests for cross-community post personnel prior to the submission of grant applications to STFC panels
  • to provide input to the NPGP on the planned future usage and requirements for this resource as requested
  • to ensure that institutions with cross-community posts have guidance on priorities as and when the need arises
  • to monitor usage of cross-community staff time and provide reports to the Nuclear Physics Forum, Heads of Groups and STFC
  • to discuss succession planning/continuation of posts


The membership will include:

• Liverpool representative
• Daresbury representative
• Manchester representative
• One NPGP member
• Three community members.

STFC will attend the meetings of the committee.


Cross-Community Posts


  • Ian Burrows - Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Alan Grant - Mechanical Engineer
  • Moschos Kogimtzis - Electronics Engineer
  • Ian Lazarus - Electronics Engineer
  • James Lawson - Electronics Engineer
  • Paul Morrall - Target maker, technician
  • Vic Pucknell - Software Engineer
  • Carl Unsworth- Software Engineer



  • Dan Judson - Software Engineer
  • Dave Seddon - Design Engineer
  • Jim Thornhill - Electronics Engineer
  • Dave Wells - Electronics Engineer



  • Andy Smith - Mechanical Design Engineer


How to request effort

The cross-community post will operate as team

Any effort required must be submitted to the team co-ordinators so that the work can be scheduled.


Minutes of meetings


Resource allocation following the meeting of 7 April 2015 here

Resource allocation following the meeting of 21 November 2018 here


Projects supported by the cross community posts