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Online Target Request Form

We welcome feedback about this form and service. Please contact Paul Morrall for information and technical queries on targets and Carl Unsworth for issues with this web form.

Requests should be received at least 30 days in advance of when they can be collected or shipped.


If the target material and target frames are not available from the NPG they must be supplied by the user at least 30 days in advance. Any shipping costs must be paid by the user.


To request targets please fill in your own details below, under My User Details, then specify your requirements in the Target Details area. On completion the form will be sent to Mr P Morrall and Prof J Simpson.

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Clear User Details
Enter Target Details


You build a list of "Targets to be Requested" with the "Target Details" form and the buttons below it.
Submit the list with the "Send Request" button that appears below the "Targets to be Requested" list.

To add a target to the list enter its details in the form, then click the "Add" button.
To change a target click its Isotope/Compound entry in the list, edit its "Target Details", then click the "Change" button.
To remove a target click on its Isotope/Compound entry in the list, then click the "Remove" button.
Immediately after adding a target to the list you can change or remove it without having to select it first.
The "Redisplay List" button will redisplay the list and the "Clear List" button will clear it.
The form can be cleared with the "Clear Target Details" button.

Target Details

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Targets to be Requested
(µg cm-2)
Type Thickness
Frame Type No. Special Requirements
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