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ISOL Solenoidal Spectrometer Science Meeting

Niels Bohr Common Room, Schuster  Building, The University of Manchester, UK 

Thursday 13th July 2017





The ISOL Solenoidal Spectrometer (ISS) is being developed at ISOLDE-CERN as part of the UK ISOL-SRS project for studies of binary reactions using radioactive beams from HIE-ISOLDE. The solenoidal magnet of this device, which will also be used with an active target,  has recently been tested at CERN with a view to enable experiments in the near future. It is therefore timely to bring together people with interests in using the device to develop collaboration and to discuss the scientific programme associated with it.


The programme will include talks on progress with the HELIOS spectrometer at Argonne National Laboratory, the advanced silicon detector array being constructed within ISOL-SRS, and the Leuven SpecMAT active target project. 

We also invite short presentations  on physics ideas to stimulate scientific discussions; please submit the title of your talk when you register.


The meeting will be held in the Niels Bohr Common Room in the Schuster Building at the University of Manchester on Thursday 13th July 2017.


Information about travelling to the University can be found at Information about visiting Manchester, including where to stay can be found


The University is located around Oxford Road on the south of the city centre where the closest midrange hotels are the Holiday Inn Express, Oxford Road and Hotel ibis, Princess Street.




Best wishes

Sean Freeman on behalf of the organisers