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Digital Pulse Processing and Gamma Ray Tracking

These pages describe a project undertaken between 1999 and 2003.

Two of the big changes in new generations of Nuclear Physics instrumentation are the incorporation of digital processing and the use of gamma ray tracking. The Nuclear Physics Group at Daresbury set up a project in 1999 to investigate digital pulse processing for gamma ray detectors and how best to implement gamma ray tracking in large Germanium gamma ray detectors. This work was undertaken jointly with the Universities of Surrey and Liverpool.

Why digital processing?


Gamma Ray Tracking


Germanium Shells


Doppler correction


Overview of the Gamma Ray Tracking Project


Pictures of one of the Tracking Gamma Ray Detectors (TIGRE)


GRT4 VME card overview (in PDF format)  


GRT4 VME card manual (v3) (in PDF format)  


Data Acquisition for test experiment in Cologne


Pictures of test experiment in Cologne (February 2003)


Gamma Ray Tracking Project Publications (Updated November 2003)


Links to other Gamma Ray tracking pages