AGATA Specification Documents

This page contains specification documents originally received for AGATA week, 21-25 February 2005.

These documents are in various formats and were for information only at the AGATA week.
Some of the documents have been subsequently updated. Please use the latest versions.

The following documents are available.

MS Word format
AGATA Ge detector specification December 2006
AGATA Hybrid Preamplifiers with Pulser, Draft Version 1.4
Test Cryostat
Pre-processing Hardware Draft 9a Feb 2005;
Pre-processing Hardware Updated to Draft 10a Nov 2005
Specifications of the AGATA Ancillary Detector GTS Interface, Version 1.1
Integral Detector Support System
Mechanical Spec AGATA demonstrator at Legnaro, prepared June 2006
AGATA DAQ Technical Design Proposal Draft 0
PDF format
AGATA LLP Digitiser, Draft 4.1 (Updated 19 July 2006)
Global trigger and Synchronisation, Draft 1.2

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