Publications and Talks

  1. Validation of Pulse Shape Simulations for an AGATA prototype detector
    M. R. Dimmock, A.J. Boston, J.R. Cresswell, I. Lazarus, P. Medina, P. Nolan, C. Parisel, C. Santos, J. Simpson and C. Unsworth
    IEEE TNS 56 No.4 (2009) 2415
  2. Characterisation results from an AGATA prototype detector
    M. Dimmock, A.J. Boston, H.C. Boston, J.R. Cresswell, L. Nelson, P.J. Nolan, C, Unsworth, I. Lazarus and J. Simpson
    IEEE TNS 56 No.3 (2009) 1593
  3. Performance of an AGATA asymmetric detector
    A.J. Boston, M.R. Dimmock, C. Unsworth, H.C. Boston, R.J. Cooper, A.N. Grint, L.J. Harkness, I.H. Lazarus, M. Jones, P.J. Nolan, D.C. Oxley, J. Simpson, M. Slee and the AGATA collaboration
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A604 (2009) 48
  4. From Ge(Li) Detectors to Gamma-Ray Tracking Arrays: 50 Years of Gamma-Spectroscopy with Germanium Detectors
    J. Eberth and J.Simpson.
    Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 60 (2008) 283
  5. Position resolution of the prototype AGATA triple-cluster detector from an in-beam experiment
    F.Recchia,, D.Bazzacco, E.Farnea , A.Gadea, R.Venturelli, T.Beck, P.Bednarczyk, A.Buerger, A.Dewald, M.Dimmock, G.Duchene , J.Eberth, T.Faul, J.Gerl, R.Gernhaeuser, K. Hauschild, A.Holler, P.Jones, W.Korten, Th.Kroll , R.Krucken, N.Kurz, J.Ljungvall, S. Lunardi, P.Maierbeck, D.Mengoni, J.Nyberg, L.Nelson, G.Pascovici, P.Reiter, H.Schaffner, M. Schlarb, T.Steinhardt, O.Thelen, C.A.Ur, J.J.Valiente-Dobon, D.Weisshaar
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 604 (2009) 555–562
  1. Performance of an AGATA asymmetric detector Boston AJ, Dimmock MR, Unsworth C, Boston HC, Cooper RJ, Grint AN, Harkness LJ, Lazarus IH, Jones M, Nolan PJ, Oxley DC, Simpson J, Slee M.  AIP Conference Proceedings 1072 (2008) 130-135.

John Simpson 9th November 2009