The AGATA Week 21-25th February 2005

This page contains the links to the presentations during the plenary sessions.

Monday 21st February

Introduction J Simpson
Detectors J Eberth
Data Processing D Bazzacco
Infrastructure G.Duchene
Ancillary detectors and integration A Gadea
Simulations and Data Analysis E Farnea
Overview of GRETINA I-Y Lee

Tuesday 22nd February

Detector module and cryostat D Weisshaar
The Gretina detector A Macchiavelli
Pulse Shape Analysis P Desesquelles
Characterisation A Boston
Signal decomposition algorithm for GRETINA D. Radford
Preamplifiers A Pullia
Tracking K Hauschild
Data analysis O Stezowski
Neutron in AGATA J Ljungvall

Wednesday 23nd February

The Digitiser P J Coleman-Smith
Preprocessing I Lazarus
GTS M Bellato
Data Acquisition X Grave
Integration of ancillaries with DAQ C Theisen
Integral detector support system/slow control I Kojouharov
Key Experiments and simulations for AGATA E. Farnea

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Simon Letts 31 January 2005