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AGATA Digitiser Core Control FPGA


To download the firmware files click the correct link below for the version you require. Then use a JTAG programmer with appropriate software ( Impact from Xilinx is recommended ) to program the serial proms with the .mcs files after they are extracted from the .zip file download.


File Contents: mk_core_64.mcs & mk_core_64.bit

Version Number: 1

Version Date: 16/03/2012


New version with Microblaze processor. See EDOC711 for further details.


File Contents: core037.mcs

Version Number: 7

Version Date: 24/06/2009


Base version. Includes the automatic power down of the digitiser should any internal temperature reach 40degC. See EDOC711 for further details.



For further information please e-mail


Simon Letts, 12 July, 2012